Sample Applications

Custom Software Application Developed for Multinational Manufacturing Company

A privately held, international company, Swagelok, headquartered in Solon, Ohio built a new product to engineer panels for clean rooms. The Cleveland firm, founded in 1947 by Fred Lennon and Cullen Crawford, hired Rothman & Associates to develop a custom software application to eliminate the need for a fully trained engineer to design custom panels for clean rooms. The custom software application engineered by Rothamn and Associates solved the problem for the global manufacturer of high-tech precision valves, fittings and fluid system solutions. Swagelok's fluid system products were used on the Apollo program's lunar space suits and the Viking 1 Mars exploration vehicle.

Swagelok had developed a new product to engineer integrated surface mount gas flow panels for clean rooms. However, the complexity of the assembly and bill of materials required a fully trained engineer to spend hours and sometimes days to design a custom panel. Rothman & Associates designed, developed and deployed a full-featured integrated gas component panel configuration tool. The software is Windows-based and menu-driven with a Rich Interface. Using a simple grid paradigm, along with drag-and-drop technology, a user (without specialized training) can accurately configure a complex panel in about an hour. Rothman & Associates programmers used Microsoft event-driven programming languages and integrated development environment (IDE) to develop the computer programs that run the panel configuration application.

The software is now branded by the manufacturer, enabling it to become a market leader in this area. Rothman & Associates was invited back to adapt the software for another product and marketplace. To learn more about the custom software application that Rothman & Associates developed for Swagelok, call 440-349-0478.

Custom Medical Software Applications Developed, Maintained and Hosted for Teleradiology Software Company

Perfect Imaging, based in the Cleveland suburb of Beachwood, Ohio contracted Rothman & Associates to help their firm develop, maintain and host custom medical software applications for hospitals, radiologists, imaging centers and teleradiology service providers. Perfect Imaging is a medical imaging technology and teleradiology company which licenses a cloud-based PACS (picture archiving and communication system) software system called PACSstar along with RIS, and DICOM software systems.

Rothman & Associates Microsoft programers were instrumental in the development of numerous custom teleradiology PACS and RIS (radiology information system) workflow software applications and computerized databases used by radiologists, imaging center technicians and hospital radiology department staff personnel. The software built by Rothman & Associates makes it easy for medical professionals to store, archive, edit and distribute patient radiological data and images. Computer engineers at Rothman & Associates are very experienced in working with HL7 (Health Level-7) interfaces used to distribute clinical and administrative data between hospital information systems (HIS).

Rothman & Associates programmers designed the teleradiology web applications using an integrated development environment (IDE) from Microsoft called Visual Studio. Our software engineers used Microsoft's relational database management system called Microsoft SQL Server for the complex Internet-facing teleradiology software application because many different radiologists and technicians would be using the application concurrently.

As of 2014, Rothman & Associates continues to provide custom software application development services to the medical imaging technology and teleradiology company. Perfect Imaging licenses the hosted medical imaging PACS workflow software system developed by Rothman & Associates to teleradiology practices. Rothman & Associates assists Perfect Imaging with the management of their hosted (cloud-based) PACS software system. To learn more about the custom teleradiology software applications that Rothman & Associates specifically engineered for Perfect Imaging, call 440-349-0478.

Custom Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software Application Developed for Cleveland, Ohio Based Stamping Company

Rothman & Associates software engineers built a custom temporary bridge enterprise resource planning (ERP) software application program to give a local stamping company time to source and install an integrated ERP system. The tier 1 supplier of short to medium run stampings to the automotive and aircraft industries, based near Cleveland, Ohio in Euclid, found itself with a Y2K compliance issue when the implementation of a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) system did not perform properly.

On of their customers, a major auto manufacturer, threatened to cease orders on July 1,1999 because the supplier's current system could not handle delivery dates past January 1, 2000. This meant that a $10 million+ customer was preparing to send their business to a competitor unless our client could provide a solution. Rothman & Associates built a temporary bridge program to give our client adequate time to source and install the best possible commercial proprietary integrated business reporting software. Experienced business analysts and software engineers at Rothman & Associates worked hand in hand with the stamping company executives to gather project scope requirements to make sure that the final enterprise resource planning (ERP) software application program implementation was efficient and cost effective. We designed the database architecture, developed a COM-based, multi-tier architecture (n-tiered) and built a distributed client-server application that solved the critical issue on time and within budget.

The stamping supplier was so pleased with the system's ease of use and custom features, that they engaged Rothman & Associates to continue custom-developing their ERP system – which our customer considers it's secret weapon for consistently beating the competition.

Custom Database Application Developed for College to Publish Course and Class Offering

An example of a custom database application that Rothman & Associates developed is a single integrated platform used by colleges to publish their course and class offerings. This software program is called “Advantage WEDD” and allows multiple administrators to efficiently perform updates and queries. We built this custom database application with interactive features for the Cuyahoga Community College Workforce and Economic Development Division. Cuyahoga Community College (also known as Tri-C), founded in 1962, is a community college based in Parma, a suburb of Cleveland in Cuyahoga County, Ohio. Advantage WEDD is a rich custom database application used by the college to drive their public website which publishes courses and their offerings.

Tri-C's Workforce & Economic Development Division (WEDD) administrators use the database application we built to easily collect, manage and disseminate the courses and classes offered. First take a look at which is the public website for Cuyahoga Community College Workforce and Economic Development Division. The site is organized in a hierarchy which allow users to drill down through Instructional Divisions to Program Areas to Programs and finally to individual courses and their offerings. Check out the search, course schedule and My Schedule sections. These features make the site truly interactive. To view the database application that is used to manage the website call us at 440-349-0478.

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