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iPad, BlackBerry PlayBook and Android Tablet PC Business Software Application Development


Rothman & Associates is an iPad, Blackberry Playbook and Tablet PC application development company. We custom design, engineer and build interactive business productivity apps for the Apple iPad, RIM BlackBerry PlayBook, Google Android Tablet PC and the Microsoft Windows Tablet PC platforms.

We use the latest SDKs (software development kits) and powerful computer programming tools to achieve the specific business software application requirements of our clients. We focus on performance and reliability when we build iPad, BlackBerry PlayBook and tablet PC software for our enterprise customers.

These lightweight iPad, BlackBerry PlayBook and tablet PC applications can be deployed on corporate networks, as a utility using cloud computing, on typical hosted web servers or on virtual servers. Tablet applications developed by Rothman & Associates transform how businesses work internally with their workforce and externally with their customers. We host enterprise tablet applications at our data center or deploy the applications to the server, data archive and storage facility chosen by our clients.

An estimated 45 million tablet computers and Ipads were sold in 2011, three times the number of tablet computers sold in 2010. Businesses are increasingly supporting workers that use iPads and tablet computers. The usage of tablet computers such as the iPad by business, industry and healthcare providers will expand quickly in 2012.

Field service technicians find it more conducive to use an iPad than a traditional laptop with a keyboard and mouse. Doctors and physicians who are standing at a patient's bedside use tablet PCs to chart EMRs (Electronic Medical Records). iPads and tablet PCs are lighter than laptop computers and in many cases, use much less power, which makes tablets more advantageous for traveling sales representatives. Young professionals have expressed a preference for iPads, Blackberry Playbooks and tablet PCs which allow them to pinch to zoom, use a stylus, pen or finger to tap, scroll and swipe objects, rather than using a mouse is often inconvenient in certain business situations and work environments.

Engaging Rothman & Associates to Develop Your Company's Tablet Software Application

If your business is considering developing a software application specifically for an iPad, BlackBerry Playbook, tablet PC or tablet computer, call us at 440-349-0478 to request a tablet application development service proposal and a price quote. Our company president, Howard Rothman can usually prepare a working agreement within a week or two.

Rothman & Associates can develop a custom tablet application product and/or design a tablet-friendly version of one of your company's existing web applications. We can prepare a fixed-bid estimate for your business or prepare a tablet computer or iPad application development work agreement based on a fixed hourly rate. We specialize in custom tablet application development for most platforms including the Android, iPad and Blackberry operating systems.

If your company would like to send us an RFP (Request for Pricing) or RFQ (Request for Quote) related to tablet application development, please email it to Howard Rothman at hrothman@rothmanit.com or call 440-49-0478 Monday through Friday (ET) to learn more about our capabilities and cost-effective business solutions.

Tablet PC, BlackBerry PlayBook and iPad Application Development Expertise and Platforms

Rothman & Associates is a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD) and an experienced third-party developer of "touch apps" and business applications for tablet computers that use a multi-touch display or a pressure-triggered stylus. We build hosted and downloaded applications for computer users that navigate they system using touch input and type with a virtual keyboard on the screen. We specialize in working with companies to generate advanced business capabilities that differentiate our clients from their competitors. The mobile and enterprise mobility applications we engineer and deploy solve business operation inefficiencies and often make businesses more profitable.

Our information technology professionals develop versatile, cutting-edge software applications that are pen-enabled, handwriting-enabled and speech-enabled. Rothman & Associates is a leading iPad and Android OS tablet applications development company. We enjoy the challenge of building software applications for businesses that use computers with touch sensing surfaces such as trackpads or touchscreens. Multi-touch computing have the ability to recognize the presence of two or more points of contact with the surface which is used to apply sophisticated functionality such as pinch to zoom features or to activate predefined software programs and applications.

We specialize in developing enterprise productivity software applications for mobile operating systems (mobile OS), mobile software platforms and handheld computers. We develop software programs and "tab apps" that are installed easily, include synchronization features and run efficiently on tablet computers, iPads and small hand-held devices which include the following.

  • Apple iPad 2
  • iPhone
  • Google Android OS Tablet PC
  • Microsoft Windows 7 OS Tablet PC
  • BlackBerry PDA Smartphone
  • RIM BlackBerry PlayBook OS (based on QNX Neutrino)
  • Dual Core, Multi-Threaded, Multitasking RIM BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet PC
  • Mobile Phone
  • Personal Digital Assistant
  • Epad Google Android Tablet PC
  • Booklet Computers (Dual-touchscreen tablet computers with pen writing recognition capabilities and multi-touch screens)
  • Dell Latitude Tablet
  • Enterprise Digital Assistant
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab
  • Kindle Fire
  • Cisco Cius
  • Motorola Xoom
  • Viewsonic Viewpad 7
  • Motorola ET1 Enterprise Tablet
  • Archos Internet Tablet
  • Android Mobile Devices
  • Dell Streak 7
  • Archos Internet Tablet
  • Touchscreen Computers
  • Slate-Style and Convertible-Style Tablet PCs

Business Productivity and Mobile Applications for the Workplace

Our software development company has responding to the increased usage of tablet computers and iPads within large organizations, business enterprises and workplaces. Tablet computers, mobile devices and iPads benefit large organizations and enterprises by decreasing paper-based processes and business operations. Mobile applications and tablet applications improve corporate , communications, enhance workflows and produce employee efficiencies.

Tablet applications and corporate tools developed and by Rothman & Associates allow our clients and their employees to:

  • Access secure cloud-based business programs, data and stored company information.
  • Capture and archive pictures, images and videos.
  • Browse the web, the Internet or company intranets.
  • Communicate, connect and collaborate online.
  • Map driving, delivery and shipping routes.
  • Use ERP tablet software applications.
  • Schedule and conduct conference calls and sales calls online.
  • Participate in online meetings using iPhones, Android, BlackBerry or iPad tablets.
  • Give product demonstrations to their customers via videos, advertisements, testimonials and commercials spots.
  • Benefit from mobile invoicing and printing receipts.
  • Facilitate information sharing.
  • Conduct point-of-sale (POS) transactions, capture customer's signatures and process credit card payments on-site.
  • Use mobile customer relationship management programs.
  • Synchronize records accurate remotely to ensure accuracy.
  • Take and archive notes, draw and archive detailed technical sketches.
  • Dictate and archive important memos.
  • Streamline data collection in the field and on-site.
  • Manage, record and control inventory while standing in a warehouse or in the field.

Our iPad, BlackBerry PlayBook and Tablet PC Application Development Process

We successfully execute tablet application development projects for companies that focus on productivity by using the following professional processes:

  • Prepare an acceptable tablet application development proposal and quote for our customer.
  • Schedule an appropriate development schedule and project turnaround time frame with our client.
  • Gathering information to understand the tablet application needs of our customer's IT and business users.
  • Define the technical infrastructure to be used and options for processes to secure the configuration and deployment of tablet applications for our enterprise clients.
  • Analyze business and correlated data to ensure our client's enterprise tablet PC, iPad or BlackBerry PlayBook application will create real value and return their investment in the application development.
  • Develop a strategic plan with functional specifications for our customer's iPad or tablet PC (personal computer) application.
  • Build a tablet software application that delivers the required functionality, meets users’ expectations and produces an excellent user experience.
  • Implementing information into enterprise-class tablet app solutions on time and within budget.
  • Deploy tablet applications with expertise, quality and integrity.
  • Provide tablet application training and ongoing support.

Business Productivity Tablet PC Apps and iPad Applications for Professionals

Rothman & Associates develops, implements and supports enterprise-class software programs and ports applications for the Ipad and Tablet PCs. We create business solutions and tablet application products for Fortune 500 companies, heath systems across the United States, Ohio based corporations, mobile real estate professionals, firms that employ field technicians and mobile sales representatives and other mobile web app development companies.

iPad, BlackBerry PlayBook and Tablet PC Applications Used by Businesses and Organizations

  • Doctors and hospitals use an iPhone/iPad application to view and exchange medical images by connecting to a PACS system.
  • Employees and company managers use portable and mobile tablet PCs to access important company records, connect through email, conference and collaborate online, minimize expenses associated with travel, increase productively while on the road and to collaborate remotely.
  • The airline industry provides pilots with tablet computers who use them to analyze flight plans and charts and to perform navigational work.
  • Business professionals attend online meetings using GoToMeeting, present webinars and conduct live, interactive training online using an iPad or Android tablet PC.
  • Physician practices, dentists, chiropractors, eye doctors and other medical professionals use an iPad practice-management and clinical software application to streamline patient registration.
  • Banks, financial institutions and savings and loans use tablet applications to streamline the loan application process.
  • Hospital and medical clinic personnel use tablet PCs and iPads to check for medication interactions, access patient records and view x-rays from anywhere within their healthcare facility.
  • Architects use iPads, BlackBerry PlayBooks and tablet PCs during meetings with clients to display blueprints, floor plans and drawings.
  • Census takers working for state governments use iPads and Tablet PCs to efficiently collect census daters from state residents.
  • Retail outlets use tablets and tablet software to perform roaming checkouts, check on prices and determine inventory and product availability.
  • Mobile field service organizations that employee field service technicians use iPad applications to improve the quality of sales and service calls. Field service technicians use iPad applications to remotely access customer, route information and product manuals over the Internet to enhance customer service and improve sales closure rates.

Ipad and Tablet PC Application by Industry

We develop tablet application software that is easily downloaded to a portable tablet by our client's employees from mobile software distribution platforms. We offer end-to-end tablet application development services. Our tablet applications are used in a variety of industries and market spaces including:

  • Healthcare and Medical
  • Education
  • Insurance
  • Accounting
  • Stampings to the Automotive Industry
  • Financial Services
  • Transportation, Logistics and Trucking
  • Manufacturing
  • Radiology and Teleradiology
  • Real Estate
  • Hazardous Waste Removal
  • Legal
  • Governments and municipalities
  • Automated Visual Inspection Machine Monitoring
  • Book Publishers and Electronic Publishing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Field Sales and Service
  • Marketing and Advertising

Our Tablet Application Development Team

Rothman & Associates, a Microsoft Partner and renowned iPad development company, develops rich, powerful applications for business located near Cleveland, Ohio and across the United States. Our tablet application development team is headed by Howard Rothman who founded our software development firm in 1986. Mr. Rothman assists with planning, executing and closing tablet application development projects. He oversees our technical operations and manages the company 's tablet application development experts, which include:

  • Tablet Application Developers
  • User Experience Designers (UXD)
  • Computer Programmers
  • Customer Account Managers
  • APP Dev Project Managers
  • Mobile Developers
  • iPad Application Developers
  • Tablet PC Developers
  • Apple iOS Application Developers
  • BlackBerry Tablet OS (based on the QNX system) Developers
  • Windows Tablet Software Engineers
  • Java Programmers
  • Android (Googl's Linux-based Android operating system) Developers
  • Quality Assurance Engineers

SDKs (Software Development Kits), Tools and Development Environments

  • BlackBerry Plug-in for Android Development Tools (ADT)

  • Rothman & Associates uses a POSIX compliant, BlackBerry® Native SDK for Tablet OS to provide our tablet application engineers with a native C/C++ mobile development environment.
  • Rothman & Associates developers use the Apple's iOS SDK to develop applications for the iPod touch, iPad and the iPhone. We use iOS SDK development environment tools such as Xcode to edit source code, debug graphics and manage projects.
  • Our front end and UI (User Interface) iPad app developers use Apple's iOS iPad and iPhone Simulator to debug, run and test iPad tablet applications locally on our MacBook Pro computers.
  • We use Microsoft integrated development environments (IDE), development tools, build automation tools, debuggers, compilers and interpreters, source code editors, libraries, code samples, documentation, and technologies such as Microsoft Visual Studio and the Tablet PC SDK to create Tablet PC applications using native or managed .NET frameworks.
  • We understand the intricacies of engine development, HTML5, low memory footprint programming, APIs written in C, tablet middleware, Adobe Flash, application frameworks including Java-compatible libraries, multimedia platforms, WebSphere tools, playback frameworks and QT (QuickTime).
  • We design client/server architecture, database architectures, database triggers and stored procedures using cross-platform mobile development frameworks.
  • Depending on the project requirements, we use a variety of development technologies including XML to create application menus, Microsoft Visual C++, Microsoft Visual C#, Microsoft C, OpenAL, the C programming language, OpenGL, the SQLite database, OpenGLES, Core Animation, Objective-C (a reflective, object-oriented programming language), Secure Coding, Eclipse ADT Plugin, Android Interface Description Language, Accelerometer, Networking based SDK, CFNetwork Programming, Android Debug Bridge (ADB), BonjourWeb, Microsoft ASP.NET, Integration with customer C Libraries, Microsoft SQL Server and the event based Core Location framework.

For more information about our tablet application development services, call 440-349-0478 Monday through Friday (ET) or email Howard Rothman at hrothman@rothmanit.com. Thank you for your interest in Rothman & Associates' Tablet PC and iPad application development services.

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