Custom Intranet Applications

Rothman & Associates, an information technology company in Cleveland, Ohio develops custom Intranet software applications for business in northeastern Ohio. We work with our customers during all phases of Intranet application development including strategic planning and user interface design. We are experts at building employee and enterprise portals.

We build user-friendly Intranet applications with one goal in mind - to accomplish the goals of the firms and organizations that contract with us. We develop Intranet application software and web based application software for large corporations that distribute eBooks, international manufacturing companies, stamping companies, medical software companies, colleges and other types of corporations and large institutions.

We design and build computer programs and software applications for companies that run on their own computer networks within their organization. We have years of experience using Internet Protocol technology to enhance the way our clients operate their businesses. We also develop custom Extranet applications and cloud computing applications which permit controlled access to information, databases and programs that are located outside of our customer's computer networks, internal website and information technology infrastructure.

Last year we successfully completed work on an Intranet application software project which runs effectively on different types of touch devices, enabling our client's personnel to conduct their business tasks while they are on the move and away from the corporate campus. Or network administrators and programmers have years of experience working with key Internet protocols and client and server software programs. Our founder, Howard Rothman, began working with

HTTP (web services), SMTP (e-mail), and FTP (file transfer protocol) before Larry Page and Sergey Brin started on their research project at Stanford in 1996, which would someday become Google.

Since 1994, our company president, Howard Rothman has been combining the best Microsoft technologies with the skill sets of the company's programmers. We have our priorities straight when it comes to Intranet application development services - we are laser-focused on the Intranet application user experience. When we start building an Intranet application we find out who will be using it, why and how and then make sure that we understand how the success of the application development project will be measured.

Intranet applications we develop and integrate provide the core functionality for our customers to review and analyze invoices, shipping and payment data, product and service delivery dates, payroll, billings and bookings, research and development costs, production capacity, stocks of raw materials, customer contact information, marketing metrics, customer support information, sales leads, purchase orders, RFPs and RFQs and inventory records.

At the beginning of an Intranet application development project, we make sure we find out which types of documents, files, images and databases will need to be accessed through the software application. This process makes it easier for us to integrate the computer systems our clients use and to fine tune their business processes so that they become more profitable, increase their market share and provide a more satisfying work experience for their employees.

When we plan an Intranet application development project, we conduct a research and requirements phase. During this step we find out if our customer's Intranet is protected by a network gateway and firewall or through the use of private IP address ranges. We then build software applications that help our clients improve their bottom line by increasing their revenues and reducing the costs required to manage their enterprise. We use Agile software development and wire framing methods in order to shorten the time required for the design and deployment of custom Intranet appilictions.

Rothman & Associates provides cutting-edge technology skills and services that enhance the way our clients operate their business. With over 90 years of combined experience, our professional Intranet application development team has the wherewithal to build your company the right application solution in time. Rothman & Associates is committed to listening carefully to our clients so that the Intranet application solution we design delivers efficient professional tools, collaboration and project management functionality, complex corporate lists and CRM (customer relationship management) access. We don't stop programming and project managing until we are confident that the Intranet software application program is integrated properly, secure, productive, manageable and scalable.

Rothman & Associates has been engineering custom Intranet applications with enterprise-class functionality to support our clients' business needs for decades. We engineer and install Intranet software applications to streamline business processes for companies in Cleveland, Euclid, Richmond Heights, Shaker Heights, Cleveland Heights, Willoughby, Mayfield, Mayfield Heights, Independence, Twinsburg, Hudson, Bay Village, Rocky River, Avon, Avon Lake, Mentor, Solon, Middleburg Heights, Strongsville, North Olmsted, Westlake, Beachwood, Pepper Pike, Elyria, Massillon, Akron, Mansfield, Lorain, Warren, Findlay, Youngstown, Toledo, Canton, Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton and other Ohio communities.

We are cognizant of the potential for system changes and provide an Intranet application designs that incorporate scalability in the system architecture. We don't stop there, we stay connected to our customers by providing outstanding customer service and maintenance throughout the life cycle of the Intranet application solution.

Our software company located in Solon, Ohio builds custom business productivity and mobile applications used on corporate Intranets and networks, as well as desktop and laptop computers. In 2010, we began to respond to the increased usage of tablet computers and iPads within large organizations, business enterprises and workplaces. Since 2010, our designers have been focusing on building responsive design, usability centered software programs, mobile-optimized enterprise apps and custom Intranet applications for business tablets operated by Windows 8.1, iOS 7 and Android KitKat. We design Intranet applications to run smoothly on tablets such as the iPad Air, Microsoft Surface Pro 2 and 3, Sony Tablets, Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro and Note Pro and Google Nexus 7. In certain situations, we also help our clients deploy the applications we develop on their Intranets and corporate networks by providing training and support. Our user interface designers are also adept at developing Intranet application interfaces to display corporate data and files on tablets that are stored on legacy information systems.

Tablet applications, custom Intranet applications and corporate tools developed by Rothman & Associates allow our clients and their employees to:

  • Access secure cloud-based business programs, data and stored company information.
  • Capture and archive pictures, images and videos.
  • Browse the web, the Internet or company intranets.
  • Communicate, connect and collaborate online.
  • Map driving, delivery and shipping routes.
  • Use ERP tablet software applications.
  • Schedule and conduct conference calls and sales calls online.
  • Participate in online meetings using iPhones, Android, BlackBerry or iPad tablets.
  • Give product demonstrations to their customers via videos, advertisements, testimonials and commercials spots.
  • Benefit from mobile invoicing and printing receipts.
  • Facilitate information sharing.
  • Conduct point-of-sale (POS) transactions, capture customer's signatures and process credit card payments on-site.
  • Use mobile customer relationship management programs.
  • Synchronize records accurate remotely to ensure accuracy.
  • Take and archive notes, draw and archive detailed technical sketches.
  • Dictate and archive important memos.
  • Streamline data collection in the field and on-site.
  • Manage, record and control inventory while standing in a warehouse or in the field.

Our Custom Intranet Application Development Process

We successfully execute custom Intranet application development projects for companies that focus on productivity by using the following professional processes:

  • Prepare an acceptable custom Intranet application development proposal and quote for our customer.
  • Schedule an appropriate custom Intranet application development schedule and project turnaround time frame with our client.
  • Gathering information to understand the custom Intranet application needs of our customer's IT and business users.
  • Define the technical infrastructure to be used and options for processes to secure the configuration and deployment of custom Intranet application for our enterprise clients.
  • Analyze business and correlated data to ensure our client's custom Intranet application will create real value and return their investment in the application development.
  • Develop a strategic plan with functional specifications for our customer's custom Intranet application.
  • Build a custom Intranet application that delivers the required functionality, meets users’ expectations and produces an excellent user experience.
  • Implementing information into enterprise-class Intranet application solutions on time and within budget.
  • Deploy Intranet application with expertise, quality and integrity.
  • Provide Intranet application training and ongoing support.

Our project managers and software engineers build complex and scalable Intranet applications for our customers that connect their information technology infrastructure using Micrsoft enterprise application development platforms such as the .NET Framework. We use a wide variety of Microsoft programming tools within the Microsoft .NET Framework to minimize programming costs and the time required to finish the Intranet application development project. We design and develop internal websites for corporations and non-profit organizations that can be accessed through one or more local area networks. Our primary objective when developing custom Intranet applications is to make the people that work at our client's company more productive and their business systems more cost effective, which in turn makes our customers more competitive in their market space.

Our Intranet application programmers, database architects and information technology managers develop and integrate Intranet application software on cloud servers, on servers provided by application service providers (ASPs), on our own servers, on hosted software as a service (Saas) environments and on servers that are on-premise at our customer's offices. The custom programming services that we provide to Cleveland and Akron area businesses enhance the ability of our client's executives to more effectively manage their enterprise because they can make more accurate decisions - quicker and with fewer mistakes.

If your company or organization is interested in talking with us regarding our custom Intranet application software development services please call 440-349-0478 Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (ET) for information. We will be happy to talk with you about our capabilities and billing rates, fees and prices. You can also complete the online form positioned on the right side of this page. If you would would like to send us an RFP (Request for Pricing) or RFQ (Request for Quote) please email it to Howard Rothman at

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